Our newly built and spacious Rehabilitation Centre has been designed for the optimal safety and comfort of your horse to provide the best possible environment for them to be relaxed and get the most out of their treatment.

We offer a thorough and complete customised treatment programs to suit every horse and owner. We work with every type of horse and pony across all disciplines and all types of injuries and situations. To ensure that your horse gets the very best treatment and care possible we work with a wide network of industry professionals, including vets, body workers, dentists, nutritionists and specialists.

Programs are tailored to support minor injuries requiring short term rehab, through to extensive long term plans to return to peak condition. Complete coherency and equilibrium is our goal in getting the best out of and for your horse.

Rehabilitation Features:

Indoor Aqua Treadmill  |  Indoor ThoroughTREAD  |  Equissage Therapy CVT System  |  Red Light Pad  |  Equine Scales

On the Horizon:

Infrared Overhead Solarium  |  Horse Crush for Vet Work.

Benefits Include:

Builds muscle strength  |  Speeds up recovery time  |  Accelerated conditioning  |  Promotes correct posture and a balanced gait  |  Improves cardiovascular fitness  |  Improved performance  |  Minimises performance injuries  |  Reduces swelling.

Deep Water Advantages:

Buoyancy reduces weight bearing by up to 90%  |  Low impact on limbs, joints and muscles  |  Joint decompression  |  Hydrostatic pressure assists blood flow and reduces swelling  |  Soft tissue mobilization  |  Reduces friction between articulating joints reduction of pain.

Features Include:

Spacious  |  Ten rubber lined 4x4 stables  |  Rubber safe cross-ties  |  Therapy treatment area | Indoor Treadmill  |  Secure Tackroom  |  Feed and Supplement Store.

If your horse needs to stay with us, in addition to our indoor stables, we offer safe, outdoor recovery yards and large open paddocks with good grass and fencing.

For further enquiries regarding rehab, recovery and treatment options please feel free to contact us.